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Greetings from Myreah Eley! Praise God for us making it into a new year!

If you are reading this, God has brought you into yet another year, and all the glory and honor belong to Him! You have yet another day to give Him praise, give Him your focus and attention, give Him your obedience. What will you do with this day? Seek God’s guidance. Ask Him to lead you. Follow His instruction, and allow Him to guide you to and through your predestined purpose. Remember, though it may seen like a new year for us, God is the same–past, presence, and future. He is the beginning and the end. He is the Judge and the Creator. He is the Teacher. He is the One who gives wisdom, grace, mercy, love, and peace beyond understanding. We need Him. We need His mercy, and we need His wisdom. We need Him to instruct our path. You cannot go wrong with Jesus! Live in the example of Christ. Lean on God, trust in Him, and keep the faith! God is faithful. He will never forsake us–His chosen children. We are the righteousness of God!

Here’s a special prophetic release for 2024:

“This is not just a new year, but a new season. I AM going to fill you with so much of My Spirit that you will not have much time for anything else for days. I AM interested in you getting closer to Me. I desire your full attention as I have a huge upload to program into your spirit that is unheard of. This upload shall be the blueprint to wealth, prosperity, and all I have predestined for you and afforded unto you. Do not be surprised if things move quicker than you anticipated. There may be moments where you say, ‘God, this is moving too fast!’ However, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Remember, I have given you rest darling. Remember, everything works according to My perfect plan and timing. When you desire rest, take it. Seek Me, and allow Me to replenish your soul. Allow Me to refill your mind and restore any energy that you feel you may have lost. This is the time of forward momentum. I cannot allow you to stay in this place anymore. Though it must come to an end, do not attempt to close things on your own. Allow Me to give you instructions that strategically carry you into the proper destinations and areas. Allow Me to be the Light in an unfamiliar tunnel leading to abundant living and major influence. People will seek you out to hear a word from the Lord. They will look all over for you in order to hear Me through you. It is very important that you stay humble, but it is also important that you stay in My presence. Be intentional in your prayer. Fast and pray until you feel I have permitted you to end this fast. It is time to strengthen your spirit, time to strengthen My Spirit within you. It is time that you recognize your authority in Me. It is time that you know and see who you truly are, for the devil has tried long and hard to prevent you from knowing and halt you at every turn. Well, I say, ‘NO MORE!’ No more will you struggle and strive hard just to feel like you cannot see any results. NO MORE will you feel or sense lack in your midst. NO MORE will you wait on a handout of a loved one or government entity. You are My child. Your resources come from Me in Heaven, and it is My pleasure to extend your resources further than you have ever witnessed or imagined. Allow My love to overwhelm the doubt you may be experiencing, and receive this word today as a covenant between Me and you. You are in fact the head and not the tail. You shall prevail this day. Opportunity is presenting itself now. Blessings are pouring NOW. Divine health flows through your mind and body. Your soul has a seat in Heaven; therefore, your temporary residence in the earth shall carry the principle of ‘as in Heaven, so on earth!’ It is time to reap the harvest I have promised. It’s time to get you to the places in which you have been predestined. It’s time to fulfill the plan. It may feel like a huge responsibility to carry, but remember that I have taken full responsibility for you, My child who believes in Me. Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross has granted you this benefit of My mercy and glory, and you shall witness every single benefit in overflow as you continue to be obedient and seek Me. My word says that ALL things will be added unto you when you seek first the Kingdom. Am I a human that can lie? You have heard My word. You have heard, and even seen, the promises of God. You have awaited My promised harvest patiently. Now, receive it, for it is here, and it is yours.

That is the word of the Lord.

At Eley Ministries, we believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God, is our Lord and Savior. We believe He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. Learn more about our mission and beliefs here.

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May the full year of 2024 be one of the most joyous, prosperous, and peaceful moments of your life filled with prayer and communion with God.

Myreah, Marcus, & family
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Happy New Year from The Eley Family to Yours
Happy New Year from The Eley Family to Yours!

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