Eley Ministries

is a family-ran ministry with multiple divisions for helping people and bettering the world.

Goal = Bring BILLIONS to Christ

Incorporate Ministry In EVERYTHING You Do

If more and more Christians perfected their crafts and took on leadership roles in everyday professions and careers (doctors, lawyers, officers, firefighters, architects, singers, dancers, artists, beauticians, and all other careers and dreams), the Christian church would really be a place of growth and learning, spiritually and constructively. Then, instead of believers learning how to do their jobs from nonbelievers, young Christians interested in everyday careers, outside of your regular idea of ministry, could study and train under Christians and God-fearing leaders within their desired career or profession and, therefore, bring more souls to Christ and spiritually make a difference in practical ways for the Kingdom. 


Eley Enforcement Entertainment, LLC

Eley Enforcement Entertainment is a Christian entertainment company spreading the Word of God through all forms of media and entertainment, such as books, movies and shows, music of many genres, radio and podcasts, theatre, poetry, dance, and more. This company uses artistic gifts to glorify God and bring souls to Christ. 

Check out some of their Christian music, their CHH Podcast, or their live bible study.

Fleek N’ Flawless

Fleek N’ Flawless is a beauty and fashion company and modeling agency that helps build confidence and instill self-esteem and positive values into women and men of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and colors. Soon, they’ll be launching modest styles of clothing for both men and women. Their mission is to draw everyone’s focus to God’s wonderful view of us and help people accept the bodies and skin God has given us.  We were made in God’s Image. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! God wants us to love ourselves just as we are.

Checkout their very first baby model!

Technically Speaking

Technically Speaking is a tech company that studies and improves the latest gadgets and technology, informs the public on proper use of technology, and teaches the public, especially seniors, how to thoroughly use computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. Their mission is to advance technology, youth programs, and senior care through science and tech. They will set up centers across the world for all to use for the purposes of learning, completing job applications, studying, gaming, and more.

Eley Christian School

Eley Christian School is a state of the art private Christian school for K-12 offering advanced learning programs, with complete biblical and spiritual influence, through art, science, technology, and other hands-on visuals. Scholarships will be awarded to minorities and low-income families each year. Their mission is to create a world where students no longer have to study under nonbelievers to take on professions outside of ministry. Instead, future lawyers, doctors, teachers, dancers, and more can study under and learn from Christian leaders in a variety of professions and careers. Ministry will exist in EVERY profession!

HolyBee Headstart

HolyBee Headstart is a learning and preschool program for ages 3-5 (mini-version of Eley Christian School) where a spiritual walk with Christ is instilled early in a child’s life. Like Eley Christian School, learning programs will include a special focus on learning disabilities and challenges by creating hands-on Christian curriculum fitting the needs of all types of learners. Potential Eley Christian School students are encouraged to start here before school-aged.

Eugene Eley, Jr. Community Park & Recreation

The Eugene Eley, Jr. Community Park & Recreation Center, named after cofounder Marcus Eley’s father, is a community park with outdoor and indoor recreation, sporting events, gaming, and more with spiritual themes and wholesome fun. They’ll offer yearly events and outings, along with “Big Sis” and “Big Bro” programs. Their mission is to prevent gang and street violence in youth and young adults by giving them a safe environment to hang out, eat, play, and learn.

HealthyBee Meal Center

The HealthyBee Meal Center is a public center for the homeless and hungry where meals are served 24/7, no questions asked. Their mission is to provide billions of meals to the hungry and homeless across the globe and bring souls to Christ through outreach and love. Mobile centers will deliver meals to poor neighborhoods, storm-affected locations, and areas filled with homelessness.

HealthyBee Health Center & Gym

The HealthyBee Health Center and Gym is a state of the art health center with an advanced gym, recreational and therapeutic pools, complete sports complex, and healthy eating cafes. Christian health coaches and therapists will motivate and assist many in staying fit and healthy to enable them to better fulfill their purpose in the world without poor health being a hinderance.

HealthyBee Rehab & Medical Facility

The HealthyBee Rehab and Medical Facility is a no questions asked public facility offering general medical services, specialty referrals, advanced research on uncommon diseases, and rehabilitation centers for people battling disabilities or addiction. Their mission is to mainstream cures for multiple serious illnesses and diseases and develop brain implant and mobility devices that bypass damaged nerves (optic, muscle, etc.) enabling the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the immobile (or legless/armless) to be better mobilized (walking, reaching, touching, holding, etc.).

Garden Of Eatin’

Garden of Eatin’ is a home-cooking southern restaurant with healthy choices, vegan options, uplifting spiritual live entertainment, and event venues. Their goal is to feed millions of families across the world, ending world hunger and obesity. God’s perfect plan was not that we be healed but that we be HEALTHY. Adam and Eve had no need to be healed…they were perfectly healthy. They aim to glorify God’s perfect plan for good stewardship over our bodies & health.

Little Women’s Outreach Home

Little Women’s Outreach Home is a home where pregnant teens and teen moms ages 13-18 can live while improving their spiritual walk and learning valuable life and home skills. They’ll get job training, childcare services, and other assistance while working and/or attending school, improving their spiritual walk and quality of life, setting goals for the future, creating a stable plan for their family, and attending 1-on-1 therapy sessions. The home will also offer resources and therapy to survivors of rape and abuse. Their mission is to prevent child abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness by providing young parents with education and tools that will enable them to be the best parents and providers they can possibly be. Qualified teens will leave the home with their child(ren), a high school diploma, an associates degree (varies), employment, life and home skills, and a $10,000 fresh start fund for help with housing, college, or an emergency fund. 

Immersive Faith and Hope Vocation Center

The Immersive Faith and Hope Vocation Center is a rehabilitation and vocational center offering special services that enable all to experience a greater quality of church, spiritual family and community, worship, and employment. They aim to create better church experiences for the disabled, vision-impaired, hearing-impaired, and special needs children. Some services include providing signers for churches and spiritual organizations and networks, donating hearing aids and brain implants to people with hearing and/or vision impaired diagnoses, assisting immobile individuals with finding employment, and creating VR church experiences with online community for people who absolutely cannot attend church in a physical capacity due to disability or incarceration. 

Purpose Makers

Purpose Makers is a faith-based center, Christian church, and online ministry where anyone can spiritually grow their gifts, skills, and talents while discovering and pursuing the purpose God has for their life and the vision God gives them. Many have left this earth without knowing their purpose. Purpose Makers’ mission is to create a spiritual environment for people to discover their purpose and fully develop and advance their gifts and talents while helping them learn how to incorporate them all into ministry to fulfill God’s plan for their life. Multiple campuses will be set up around the world to aid anyone interested in growing and utilizing their skills for the Kingdom. Offering online courses now!

Additionally,  Purpose Makers’ eChurch hosts virtual Sunday services online weekly at 10am EST. Learn More

Eley Ministries Properties & Homes

Eley Ministries Properties and Homes is a real estate company offering homes, commercial buildings, and offices for rent. Each property available for rent is rented out for free for one full year to families, ministries, or business owners to support growing families, communities, and organizations. After one year, properties are rented out for fair prices. 

Eley Ministries Housing & Transportation Grants

Eley Ministries Housing & Transportation Grants is a program offering grants to individuals and families in need of a home or vehicle. Each year multiple families will be awarded $50,000 towards the purchase of a new home, and multiple families will be awarded $10,000 towards the purchase of a vehicle. Some families will be awarded free vehicles and homes. The mission of this program is to be a Christian standing resource on earth, allocating funds under the instruction of God, for people in need. God called us to change the world, help the forgotten and ignored, and give to those in need. 

Eley Ministries Radio

Eley Ministries Radio is a spiritual platform with multiple Christian stations, Christian music of multiple genres, and faith-filled podcasts and church services. Their mission is to spread the Gospel by broadcasting audio and video content all over the world, taking special interest in the access to the Word of God in foreign countries. 

Eley Ministries Legal Aid & Agency

Eley Ministries Legal Aid & Agency will offer legal services to individuals and businesses in need of legal advice or representation, with affordable or free services offered to minorities. Additionally, their agency will manage and represent athletes, actors, and other talents in need of agent or booking services.

Eley Ministries Business & Marketing Firm

Eley Ministries Business & Marketing Firm will help create and build businesses, assist startup companies, provide payroll services, provide web design, and provide marketing services to all types of businesses and organizations with spiritual values and backgrounds. Their mission is to diminish the percentage of business failure and increase the number of black-owned and minority-owned businesses.

Outreach & Street Ministry

We strive to help all who are in need and show God’s love through our giving and legwork. The following are just a few things we do to help out: 

  • Thanksgiving Meal Wishlist: We provide free turkeys, hams, canned goods, and popular Thanksgiving meal food items to families in the community who apply.
  • We visit shelters, clothing drives, and churches to help serve food, hang and organize clothes, and help with events. 
  • Catering: We provide food to churches for events. 
  • Each year we award Gospel (multi-genre) and Christian Hip Hop artists with grants to support their ministry.
  • We help struggling families with utility or housing bills, food, and transportation. 
  • We offer free audio engineering to churches, choirs, and vocal artists and musicians for Christian content and music. 
  • We help communities clean up after bad storms. 
  • And much more!

We Are Resources of God

All will witness the glory of God and His miracles here on earth through His followers. All employees and volunteers are God-fearing, bold individuals who support revolutionary and radical praise and submits to God’s Will over their own. 

As in Heaven, so on earth!


"Eley Ministries will create avenues for all to learn, grow, and study through God-fearing individuals in professions of interest. The Light of Christ will overflow in professions, educational programs, medical and rehab programs, outreach, media and entertainment, prisons, food and retail, and more." - Founders, Myreah and Marcus Eley