Virtual Courses

Here are the online courses that we currently offer. Majority of our courses have a live classroom format and a maximum of eight students per class session. Class sessions & schedules for 2024 will be released soon. Courses are four to twelve weeks long. All courses are free to mentees of Purpose Makers. Non-members must pay the full course fee to enroll. However, contact us to pay with ZipPay (split into 4 equal payments).

Intercessory Course (live)

This is a prerequisite course that is required before taking any other course we offer.

Our Intercessory course is a five-week course that will strengthen your prayer life, your comfort & ability interceding for others, your prayer language (baptism of the Holy Spirit / praying in tongues), your understanding of scripture, and your ability to fully accept God’s healing in your heart.

This course is $50 for non-members and free for mentees.

See “Purpose Makers” to learn more about membership.


Gifts Of The Spirit (live)

In this 8-week course, you will learn more about the 9 gifts of the Spirit. What does the Bible say about these gifts? Does everyone have these gifts? How do I know which gift(s) I have? Can every believer operate in these gifts? Enroll in this course to dive into these questions and more. 

This course is $75 for non-members and free for mentees.

See “Purpose Makers” to learn more about membership.

[You must take the prerequisite, Intercessory, before enrolling in this course.


Professional Etiquette (live)

In this 10-week course, you’ll learn biblical principles that embody the fruits of the Spirit and show us God’s perfect plan for how we should conduct business and behave ourselves professionally–whether in ministry or business–no matter the vocation type. 

This course is $75 for non-members and free for mentees.

See “Purpose Makers” to learn more about membership.

[You must take the prerequisite course, Intercessory, before enrolling in this course.]


Affordable Tools & Resources for Entrepreneurs (live)

In this 7-week course, you’ll learn about simple tools and resources every beginner-entrepreneur should know how to utilize. These affordable tools will help you run or administrate your business/ministry more efficiently. You’ll also learn some basics about web design, outsourcing in weak areas, and more. 

This course is $75 for non-members & free for mentees.

See “Purpose Makers” to learn more about membership.

[You must take the prerequisite, Intercessory, before enrolling in this course.]


The new course schedule for 2024 will be released soon.

Why is our Intercessory course the prerequisite for all offered courses?

First off, an intercessor is a loving, caring person who confidently intercedes–prays, intervenes for, and advocates for–someone other than themselves. They will be close to God, have strong faith, and believe in the full power of prayer. Abraham was an intercessor. He interceded for the safety of any potentially righteous citizens in Sodom and Gomorrah by pleading with God and asking Him to not destroy the cities if he could find at least 10-50 righteous men living there before God destroyed both cities with sulfur and fire. Abraham did not want the righteous to be destroyed with the evil-doers, so he asked God to not destroy the towns if he could find at least 50 righteous people there, and he continued respectfully petitioning God while making his way down from 50 to requesting that God spare the towns if he could find at least 10 good people there.

Mentorship is all about building character. Particularly, spiritual mentorship, ministry, and Christian entrepreneurship should all involve believers displaying godly character. It is not possible to thrive in the full will and purpose of God on your life without prayer, knowing & hearing God’s voice, faith, and most importantly, love. Without having a genuine love and care for people, you should not be in any type of business, ministry, or vocation that involves others or brands themselves as a faith-based business, Christian company, or a Christian-owned company. Before we help you grow, spiritually or otherwise, and before we help you grow your business or ministry–frankly, before we try to teach you anything–we must first ensure that you are maintaining and strengthening your relationship with God, your prayer life, your faith, your ability (or willingness) to hear and follow God’s voice, and maintaining an open heart towards people. Nobody is perfect; however, we want your business to have a divine and strong foundation. Anyone can launch a business or ministry, but we desire that you start off with the right mind, heart, and spirit so that you can be fully led by the Holy Spirit and launch a successful business or ministry aligning with God’s vision that lasts.

Do you offer payment plans for the mentorship or any of your courses or services?

We do not currently offer payment plans directly, however, we do accept ZipPay and Affirm (select on product page). ZipPay allows you to split the total into four equal payments and make payments biweekly. ZipPay determines your eligibility and eligible borrowing amount. 

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