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Friday, January 12th & Sunday, January 15th: FREDERICK DOUGLASS: NO TURNING BACK

Frederick Douglas - No Turning Back film cover

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass gives an electrifying sermon about his epic journey from slavery to leading American statesman. In 1872 in a church in Ohio, former slave Frederick Douglass shares his breathtaking journey from slavery to life as a statesman. He could have lived in Europe, but returned to America to fight for freedom in the US and the world.

Friday, November 19th & Sunday, January 21st: AMAZED BY YOU

What happens when ÔÇťCity SlickerÔÇŁ Christian Andrews is thrown into a Cowboy World filled with five sisters, two bullies, a whole lot of cattle, one grungy dog and a woman who runs it all, with only his Faith to guide him through it? You’ll be amazed by this charming story that celebrates life after loss. Five diverse kids formed a close bond as children and 10 years later, after one of their group meets an untimely death, they meet at the Dude Ranch where he worked and rediscover their faith and the hope they all shared in the past trying to resurrect a dream of their fallen friend.┬á

Friday, November 26th & Sunday, January 28th: MULLY: CHANGING THE WORLD ONE CHILD AT A TIME

What happens when a six-year-old boy in Kenya is abandoned by his family and left to raise himself on the streets? MULLY is no ordinary rags-to-riches tale. MULLY┬áthe true story of Charles Mully, whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth and power leaves him questioning his own existence, searching for meaning in life. Against the better judgment of family and community,┬áMULLY┬ásets out to enrich the fate of orphaned children across Kenya.┬áJeopardizing his own life and the security of his family, Charles Mully risks everything and sets in motion a series of events that is nothing short of astonishing… as he created the World’s Largest Family.

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November 17th: Southern Gospel

Samuel Allen, a 1960’s rockstar, finds himself in jail after struggling with years of anger and blame toward organized religion that has led him down a road of rebellion. In a moment of divine intervention, the judge dismisses drug charges against him under the pretense that Samuel speaks to local schools and churches about the dangers of drugs. Given a second chance, he follows in his father’s footsteps to become a preacher, overcoming the influence of a powerful church leader with a personal vendetta against his family. (Based on a true story)  Watch Trailer

November 24th: The Great Turkey Town Miracle

Five loaves. Two Fish. Four thousand turkeys. When a widowed, burned out, morning-drive DJ is fired, he must procure four thousand turkeys by Thanksgiving, in order to keep his new job and hold his family together. (Based on a true story) Watch Trailer

December 1st: Christmas at the Holly Hotel

It follows Kathy, a food critic in New York City. Her parents ask her to come home for Christmas, and there she meets a handsome police officer, which now complicates her situation.

December 8th: Christmas Cheer

Megan, the captain of the local high school cheer leading squad, has been volunteered to work at the local food bank by her father during her Christmas holiday break. Megan is quite distressed as she wanted to shop and hang out with her two best friends. Through her volunteering, Megan learns all about “doing for others” instead of “getting what she wants”. She also gains a few more relationships along the way.

December 15th: The Thursday Night Club

The Thursday Night Club is a feature film that will brighten and illuminate your Christmas celebration. When a young woman filled with the Christmas spirit suffers a devastating loss, her four closest friends work to bring the spirit back to her by helping others. Is it possible to live the Christmas spirit all year long? Watch The Thursday Night Club and find out.

December 22nd: The Christmas Pledge

June and Declan, once at odds, are forced to work together at a local TV station to keep June out from under her father’s thumb. When their Christmas concert idea fails to save the station, they must look to the heart of the matter.

December 29th: When Will Jesus Return?

WWJR is a faith-based comedy of biblical proportions, where Jesus returns to Earth and befriends Tulsan Laz Young. Laz is an out-of-work social media consultant and web designer who has a platform idea that could spread goodwill and faith.

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