Discover Your Purpose

  • How should you be supporting your family?
  • Should you be working for yourself?
  • Are you doing everything you are called to do?
Psalms 113:7-8
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Discover Your Purpose

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Discover Your Purpose
Proverbs 19:17
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Hear What Others Are Saying



“Wow! Thank you so powerful”

Melanie – 10/29/23


Needed This!

“You have no idea how much I need this -ty so much -I am praying for y’all also-what you’re doing is Gods work and you will be blessed -I believe when someone is put on your heart there is a reason”

Vickie – 9/23/23



“🥲🥲🥲 yo thank you so much smh God has really sent you I just be needing confirmation sometimes because I be so lost in my own head & this has really been hard for me but I will always keep my faith”

Jeffrey – 11/02/23


Touched My Heart

“That touched my heart immensely. I have been praying and praying to release the weight of handling things on my own and to let go of my childhood past trauma. To preach the Gospel and help all thos…”

Ramel – 9/23/23


After ordering, when will I receive my DYP Report?

When you order your DYP Report, you will complete a few assessments to help us develop the best, most precise, and effective report for you. Once we receive those completed assessments, we get to work on your report and deliver the full report to you within ten days via email!

What format will my DYP Report be in, and do I need to access them on a specific device?

Your DYP Report will be comprised together and delivered via email in a PDF format. We recommend viewing it through Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Edge; however, any PDF viewer will work. You can view the files on any smartphone device, computer, netbook, or any internet-enabled device with the ability to download and view PDF files. We also recommend that you save the files to your device(s) and print the files to enable you to write on them and add notes. If you have any trouble at all viewing the files, you can contact us, and we will help you access the files in a PDF viewer from your browser.

I already work for myself, but I am not sure what to do next with my ministry/business. Will this report be helpful for me?

Absolutely! This report details more than just an evaluation of your skills, gifts, strengths, etc. It also provides you with a prophetic release from the Lord (concerning your life, business, family, ministry, etc.), exercises and tools to help you grow your relationship with God and faith level, sets of declarations for your current situation, spiritual advice and tools to help you utilize and apply your report right away, and a full analysis with explanations that show you how the prophetic release and other reports correlate. The DYP Report further encourages you to seek a stronger relationship with God while also opening the door for you to tap into all that God and His word has promised you! Plus, it gives you God-led direction with an avenue to set specific goals for yourself to stop you from wasting time somewhere God has not ordained for you and steer you into the victorious areas God has in store for you. You may even discover skills and spiritual gifts you did not know you have.

Will I be receiving a report that will be unique to me or does every customer get the same report?

Each report is different. We invest hours into each report for each individual client. We intercede on your behalf, detail and share what the Lord is saying concerning you and your situation, share declarations and scripture specific to your situation, and evaluate the details of the completed assessments we provide you with to correlate them with your personality traits, spiritual gifts, and the prophetic release the Holy Spirit leads us to share. Afterwards, we comprise it all into a very detailed report explaining how your results work together and sharing advice to help you utilize your report right away.

What if I am not satisfied with the report?

We strongly doubt that you will be dissatisfied with your report. Lots of time and effort will go into creating your report, and our time is very valuable to us. However, we value your satisfaction as well. If you are not satisfied, contact us so we can discuss where things went wrong.

Current Turnaround Time: TEN DAYS OR LESS

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