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The Secret Place Society

The Secret Place Society

The Secret Place Society (TSPS) is a group of God-fearing men and women who share the Christian faith, enjoy scriptural open-discussion forums, aim to maintain a strong prayer-life, intentionally maintain a relationship with God, and strive to live righteously.

Although we all may be in different places of our lives, we all believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior who died on the cross for our sins, rose on the third day, and ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God.

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Membership is completely free. There is no cost to join The Secret Place Society.

Anyone interested in strengthening their prayer life, completing a daily devotional, fellowship and connecting with fellow believers, prophetic release, accountability, spiritual growth, and direct insight from the author is encouraged to join. Membership is completely free. There is no cost to join or participate in the daily devotionals, discussion forums, prayer, or other activities included in membership. It is a completely judgement-free zone where anyone interested in strengthening and maintaining a fruitful relationship with God is encouraged to join and participate.

Each week, a chapter from The Secret Place: Adopting God’s Heart will be released on our website. Members can read and complete the devotional, share their prayers and revelation from the chapter, engage in group discussion, request prayer, read the entire book for free, read the daily prophetic word of the day specific to the group, and connect with fellow believers.

Starting January 1st, a devotional chapter will be released here each week.

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There is no cost to participate!

Written By: Prophetess Myreah Eley


The Secret Place: Adopting God’s Heart is a full-year series of daily devotional books that promote strengthening your prayer life, drawing closer to God, discovering your purpose, and deepening self-awareness in Christ.

Starting with January 2024, the series consists of 28-31 days filled with prayer, prophetic release, insight, biblical teaching, power scriptures (key verses for specific struggles or hardships), declarations, and a daily devotional for each month all the way through December 2024. Myreah has edited the devotional in order to release one chapter per week for TSPS’ group devotionals.

The full series covers prayer life, healing, strength, peace, courage, insight, fellowship, prosperity, fruits of the Spirit, spiritual gifts, witnessing, spiritual growth, and more.


This full series (for the entire year of 2024) is completely free to every member of The Secret Place Society.