November 28th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Greetings on this wonderful Tuesday morning! Myreah Eley here. How do you do?  

Here’s what I saw and heard from the Father for today: 

I saw myself standing outside in front of a door holding a large umbrella. It was raining hard. The rain fell all around to the ground, but the umbrella kept me dry. Yet, I was still able to experience and access the rain, and it looked like I was enjoying the view. I could sense that the rain represented great blessings, and the umbrella represented God’s hand (His covering) in the blessings. It was so much blessing coming from all around that it could not be contained; however, God was there to cover me and guide me. 

The Father says:
“I have not forgotten about you. The promises I’ve made still stand. You have one job, and that is to stay in My presence. It is not My will that you shall struggle. Some things man bring to themselves; however, I AM an admirer of hard work. When you work hard in My name with joy and content, you show Me your appreciation for what you already have and the love you have in your heart, for Me and for others. I know that you will do the things I instruct you to do without pause. Be certain, dear. You are in fact hearing My voice. It may sound cluttered in your own panicked thoughts; however, continue to draw near to Me. Seek Me every morning and every night. Spend time in My presence and commune with Me. The more you do that, the more familiar you’ll become with Me. My word will also help you know My ways. Knowing My ways and how I communicate will bring your familiarity to certainty. I want you to work in My name without expecting anything in return from the origin of the work itself. Instead, expect your reward from Me. I see your hours, your effort, your overtime, your sweat, and your tears, so don’t do it for the numbers. Don’t do it for the money. Do it for Me, and trust that I will provide. My provision will rain on you so much that you will be drenched in blessing. Receive it. There’s nothing you can do to earn it. You are not unworthy, nor are you unqualified. I have called you. I have set you apart. I have paid for you with a precious price at calvary. You belong to Me, and I always protect and provide for those who belong to Me. Rest your head on Me. Do not concern or worry yourself with tomorrow. Making plans and being excited about the future is fine, but do not let it overwhelm you, for soon, you will witness My hand on your situation in a great way, and you will feel amazed at how great MY PLAN has been all along! Allow Me to take the pressure off. It’s a false load that you don’t have to carry.” 

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