November 19th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Salutations and good morning. Marcus Eley here and this is what I heard and saw in prayer:

I see the ground. It’s concrete with a bit of grass growing through the cracks. The ground became transparent and exposed boiling lava beneath the surface.

The Lord says, “Be mindful that as you live in this world of evil, it is detrimental that you stay suited in My armor. This world is filled with wickedness. Do not, at any time, think that this journey of life is one that you can navigate through without My Spirit. Hell is only a decision away. This land is stained by evil. I urge you. Work with every ounce of your might to refrain from the ways of the world. Receive the Holy Spirit. Soak with Him daily. Be aware, your walk on this earth will show if you have accepted My Spirit. Be doomed to descent to the fiery pot or rejoice ascending into the Kingdom of Heaven. The choice is yours.”

Good morning from Myreah Eley! How do you do?

Here’s what I heard from the Father:

“I AM not looking back; therefore, you should not look back. Do not become a pillar of salt. Do not get stuck in yesteryear wishing you had done things differently. What’s done is done. Do not carry on life wondering what you did wrong and worrying about what more you could do wrong? Do you believe in My Spirit? Do you believe the Holy Spirit is in you? If so, remember that fact, and proceed in full trust and faith that I AM working in you, molding you and shaping you, perfecting you in Christ. You are My creation, and through salvation I have promised you that you are a new creation in Me. You are My child. You will not only inherit the Kingdom as My child, but you have inherited My character, My Spirit, and the fruits thereof. I have instilled everything needed in you, and I have given you everything necessary and needed for the work ahead. There are long roads, and some things will be tough, but remember that I am with you everywhere you go, and there is nothing that anyone or anything can do to harm you. Approval comes from Me. Your safety is in Me. I AM your Refuge. Let Me be your Reguge. Let Me be your guide. Fully rest in Me, and get excited about doing the work I have called you to do, for it holds the key to the abundant life I have promised you.”

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