Here’s What’s New For The Upcoming Year (2024)

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New Fellowship Group!

The Secret Place SocietyThe Secret Place Society, a new group of fellow believers intentionally prioritizing strengthening their prayer life and their relationship with God.

Free Book!

The Secret Place: Adopting God's Heart The Secret Place: Adoption God’s Heart by Myreah Eley, a daily devotional with 365 days of devotionals, prayer, prophetic release, and more.

Here’s What’s Coming

The Secret Place Society

The Secret Place Society (TSPS) is a group of God-fearing men and women who share the Christian faith, enjoy scriptural open-discussion forums, aim to maintain a strong prayer-life, intentionally maintain a relationship with God, and strive to live righteously.

If you are someone who enjoys weekly devotionals, fellowship, prayer and reading groups, accountability partners, or biblical Q&A, we encourage you to join and connect with us.

The Secret Place: Adopting God’s Heart is a full-year series of daily devotional books that promote strengthening your prayer life, drawing closer to God, discovering your purpose, and deepening self-awareness in Christ.

If you are interested in strengthening your prayer life, deepening your relationship with God, and stretching your efforts in intentionally seeking the Kingdom through daily guided devotionals, prayers, declarations, and more, we encourage you to check out the book.

The Secret Place: Adopting God's Heart

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