February 16th, 2024 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day
February 16th, 2024 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Good morning from Myreah Eley! πŸ˜‡πŸŒ„

How do you do? Here’s what I heard from the Father for February 16th, 2024:

The Father says:

“Victory is yours! Sing and declare it now! Get excited about it, for it is only the beginning, dear. You have waited and cajoled and wondered and prayed and even declared and decreed, but fret not, dear. Every last thing you spoke, believed, and declared shall come to past in an instant. You do not have to wonder when or grow impatient. You do not have to feel discouraged, believing that your decrees have fallen on deaf ears or flat to the ground. I urge you to continue to speak. Open your mouth and continue to declare victory. Celebrate your victory and watch as the tide turns and the curtain rises on the final act of destiny. No, this shall not be your last hoorah. This is only the final act of this scene; yet, it’s only the beginning of life and life more abundantly. You can do this! Do not be afraid of anything. Don’t hesitate. Don’t let fear convince you you’re not cut out for this, and DEFINITELY do not bow down to the opinions of men! Who cares what “she say – he say”?! Am I a human male vessel that should lie? If I decree your safety, your provision, and My leadership before you, no man can even whisper ill-will against you, nor can they determine how successful you will be in your endeavors. They cannot even convince you of the “potential bad things that can happen”! I said you’re safe! Therefore, you’re safe! Cling to Me, darling. Listen to My word. Listen for My instruction. Lean not on your own understanding, and do not attach to the understanding of others. Some people are so afraid of living, and they have such little faith that they try to enforce that very lack of belief and fear upon you. They are consumed with fears and doubts, and they wonder why things have not changed in their lives. They cannot help but to try to stop you from moving forward in yours. I urge you, dear, to test the spirits. Do not sit back and listen to what you cannot do. Do not sit back and listen to the challenges and difficulties you “could” face. Do not let them feed you lists of what “could” go wrong! Don’t let them invoke fear in you. Let others continue to be afraid of living. You go and you be a Father-pleaser. Be a sojourner for truth. Be a mountain-mover and a scorpion-crusher. For I have placed this power in you, in your hand and in your feet. My Spirit is in you, leading the way, guiding you, and shielding you. You will not fail, you will not become injured or hurt, and you will not back down. I AM not a God who could ever cower and back down to a challenge. You are My fearfully and wonderfully made creation, you carry My heart, and My strength is in you…so you shall NEVER back down either. Go and be the light I have created you to be! No worries. You got this, carrier of My love!”

That is the word of the Lord.

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