December 3rd, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Good morning, Purpose Makers! Myreah Eley here! We hope you are having a fine Sunday thus far. May God give you favor for the work ahead.

Here’s what I heard from the Father for today:
“Remember, greater is He that is in you. I AM in you. I desire your prayer and communion. I love having a relationship with you. However, you must not forget that I AM already on the inside of you, leading you and guiding you towards the way that you should go, and when I present you with opportunity you will know it is of Me. I will be in your ear saying, “This is the way. Walk ye in it.” I will guide you along the still waters, and in peace, shall you work towards your destiny. Faith without works is dead. Keep your faith, and then add your efforts, and I will take your humanly efforts and add my omnipotence, and you will see My hand moving things in your life and shifting your circumstances to get you to the highest heart desires you’ve been begging me for. Your greatest dreams are about to be fulfilled, as they cannot fail. Just do not give up!”

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