December 25th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Salutations and good morning. Marcus Eley here and this is what I saw and heard in prayer today:

I see two different screens of two different cars riding on a road. On one screen, the car is moving extremely fast. On the other, the car is moving steadily and at a controlled pace. The screen where the car is moving fast continues to speed up until the car eventually crashes into a wall. The car moving steady and controlled continues to move ahead.

The Lord says, “The phrase “slow and steady wins the race” is one of wisdom. Life already moves quickly. Why speed through it aimlessly? My word shows that the coming of the Son of Man was prophesied 700 years before he arrived. This is why, in My kingdom, patience is a necessity. Tarrying is a show of faith. Those who wait in faith will receive the promise that I have made to them. My word also tells you to pray as if your request has already happened. Faith is how I am made present in your life. Place your faith in Me for life everlasting. Refrain from placing your faith in things of the world that carry temporary satisfaction. Regardless of your situation, I am still the great I AM! There is power in patience. Activate your patience. It will increase your faith and speak life into your prayers.”

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