December 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

God bless you this evening! Myreah Eley here. We hope you had a great November! Here’s what I heard from the Father for the month of December:

“A group of radical praisers shall rise in the closing of this year. These radicals will not fear man, nor change or adapt to the ways of the world. They are sincere in their love for Christ, and they are fully wearing the armor of God. They are all about their Father’s business, and they are ready for combat against the evils of this world. I desire for you to be one of them. I desire that you cast out all fear and unapologetically rise and walk in the name of the Lord. Tell the mountains to move in My name. Cast the stone into the sea, for no man can stop what I have ordained to move forward. You are a pusher, My pusher. You will open your mouth, and I will fill it with words sharper than any two-edged sword. These words of truth shall push and urge those who have yet to seek Me and warn them that their time is running out. Not only that, but the conviction of your voice–My voice through you–shall catch the attention of naysayers and make them realize that I AM in you, I AM shielding you, and I AM protecting you. Do not be afraid, My dear. I have prepared you for this very moment, and no harm shall come to your head. The angels are like militants around your camp, watching and guarding to fully protect you, your family, and My perfect plan for your lives. Do not be afraid. Do not be swayed, and do not feel intimidated. Nothing is greater than Me; therefore, nothing is too big or great to defeat you when you are in My covering. Go on and proceed in the name of the Lord with your helmet of salvation, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes with the preparation of the Gospel of peace, shield of faith, and the sword of My word. Pray in the Spirit and seek Me day and night. I will tell you what’s next, provide you with wisdom that cannot be disputed, and completely shield you from the enemy and his imps. The time is now.”

That is the word of the Lord. God bless you.

Good evening, Marcus Eley here. We hope that your November was a blessed on. Here’s what I heard and saw from the Father for December:

I see a massive landscape of the world as we know it. Suddenly, a bright golden light begins to shine over the land. Each piece of land changes to gold after being touched by the golden light. I sense that this golden light represents God’s presence.

The Lord says, “There is a new lineage of God’s people beginning to rise. They are changing what worship looks like. Even those who are well versed in worship will not recognize this new wave of worship. Younger minds are beginning to take their places in the Kingdom. They will have My favor with them. I say to My people, don’t be afraid of the backlash received for changing the face of worship. Worship is meant to show Me adoration. There is no set in stone format of worship. If you are inside My will, then your worship will be received. Don’t let the “traditional” minds tell you that your worship has fallen onto deaf ears. I hear your radical praises. I receive your radical praises. These praises have been lying dormant for too long. I encourage you to let your praises fly. Carry them into every area of life. Allow it to be your identity. In return, no evildoer, no false prophet, or no weapon of the enemy will be able to silence your praise. Don’t just worship throughout your life, but allow your life to become one of worship.”

That is the word of the Lord.

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