December 19th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Hello, how do you do? Myreah Eley here! Today, the Father says:

“Preaching the Gospel is not just done from a pulpit. In fact, My word has spread more off of one. The stages of Heaven is the only stage necessary. Enter My stage, and allow Me to fill your mouth with the words to say. Be brave and courageous. Do not look back at what ifs. Do not consume yourself with maybes and maybe nots. Put your full focus on My Kingdom and fulfill your duties to fill it. Share My word. Share your testimony. Share your faith. Detail the miracles you have witnessed in your life, and get to pointing souls to Me, for your royal robe awaits you, and the treasures of Heaven are plentiful enough for you and an unlimited surge of people. So do not limit yourself to only sharing your faith with those who already believe. They already have a place. Put your attention on the names who are not written in My Book and testify to them, for My desire is not that any man perish, and your desire should be the same.”

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