December 17th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Myreah Eley here! How do you do? Here’s what I heard from the Father for December 17th, 2023:

“I do not wish to hurt you or make you feel like you’re under extreme scrutiny or punishment. I AM a loving Father, and I know all that is best for all people at all times. Dear, you are being molded and shaped just as you asked Me to be, and it is in fact time to be disciplined. It is time that you learn that disobedience and failure to seek Me has consequences. This is not Me hurting or punishing you. These are the growing pains that one must experience when outgrowing old poor habits and being separated from choices of disobedience. Starting anew does not always feel good. Labor hurts, but from it a beautiful child is born. A new life has begun, and I AM glorified for My divine handiwork in creation. You are growing, and you are birthing new life. The old life must pass. Your disbelief must pass. Your consistent pattern of doing what only you want to do must pass. Your waiting on things to change or look how you desire before following My instructions must pass. Just as Abraham brought his only son up to be sacrificed in obedience even though he had yet to fully see My promise to make him the Father of more descendants than all of the stars, so shall you put aside all things not aligning with My word, surrender to obedience, and put all faith and trust in Me for the outcome no matter what things look like. Then, only then, shall you see the full hand of God grab you and lift you up from your situation and place you into green pastures where My promises await your arrival. They’re already done. Now, let’s get you to them.”

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