December 16th, 2023 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day

Greetings from Myreah! I hope you are having a fantastic morning! It’s December 16th, 2023. The Father says:

“Worship is the ultimate praise and obedience. Allowing Me to lead and guide you and seeking Me in all things is your worship. I have placed those desires in your heart to ignite you to start walking in the direction I have predestined for you. Although the reality of what only your physical eye can see may look completely different from My promises, it is no indication in what’s really happening. You are not far from My promises at all. In fact, you are only one foot away from witnessing the harvest of your obedience. I have seen enough. The enemy will not torment you or defeat you. He cannot win, for he has already been defeated, dear. All you need to do now is continue to lean on Me and trust Me. Do NOT lose hope! Do not surrender to what it looks like! Allow the fire you feel to push you to new heights. Heat rises, and so shall ye rise also! And when you do, the smoke shall disperse and disappear in the air, and your view of all My promises shall be clearly witnessed, experienced, and enjoyed. Keep the faith, and do not faint, for your time is not only near, but it’s here.”

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