BREAKTHROUGH, PRUNING, & PRESSURE – Prophetic Release – 12-08-23


Good morning! Myreah Eley here. Here’s a prophetic release from God regarding breakthrough and pruning:

“Pruning is not punishment. It is a divine tool from My hands that allows one to experience My grace and mercy and not be destroyed by their own shortcomings or downfalls. It is imperative that one experiences pruning when moving from one season to the next because it molds you and shapes you and fills you with My anointing for the work ahead. It is the breaking point from cancun to butterfly, from a seed to a sprout. Do you believe that it won’t hurt a little when a shell breaks off of a body? It is the cycle of life. Breakthrough is something everyone desires, as they think that it means they’re going to a better place or getting to a better point in their lives; however, though that might be true loosely, it is literally breaking something off of you and breaking through a barrier for you. Do you think you won’t feel anything during such a great and extensive process? Do you believe that you won’t have to experience long-suffering? Do you believe that breaking through a barrier is an easy process that won’t experience any pressure? If we’re (Me and you) going to break what’s not of Me off of you and break through barriers you have not gotten through thus far, don’t you think we NEED pressure? Don’t you think “you may feel” like it hurts….at least a little? Please do not lean on your own understanding, and be realistic. Complaining and venting is not a tool that brings peace. I give you peace. Cast your worries, fears, and emotions upon Me, but do not wallow in them, for it is only a tool for delay, impatience, control-demanding, and tantrum. It will not assist you in moving forward. It will only cause you to WASTE precious time. Please focus on what I have given you. Focus on the instructions I have passed along. The desires in your heart and the whispers are from Me. I AM not dangling some impossible-difficult-to-reach goal in front of you to tease and upset you. I have placed these ideas in front of you for you to practice some faith and begin walking towards them! You are not someone who will fail! For I AM with you. So don’t concern yourself with the outcome! Look to Me. Spend time in My presence. And get to the things I have placed on your heart, for in your obedience, you will feel the favor and glory of the Lord upon you, and this anointing shall move you from place to place in the right timing as you trust in Me and refrain from losing faith.”

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~ God bless you ~

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