February 28th, 2024 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Prophetic Word Of The Day
February 24th, 2024 – Prophetic Word Of The Day

Good morning from Myreah Eley! πŸ˜‡πŸŒ„

How do you do? Here’s what I saw and heard from the Father for February 28th, 2024:

I had a dream that I was walking around in what seemed to be a very scarce area; however, there were many people standing around. People were in different groups standing and talking together. It seemed like some were developing plans for the city. Even political figures were standing outside in groups talking. Though the city looked scarce and a bit abandoned and the people may have seemed a little unhappy about it, there was no real urgency in their actions or behavior, and the political figures seemed nonchalant. The people of the city seemed to care, but they were just there conversing, not protesting, acting upset, or really trying to change much, and for the town to look scarce, everyone still looked well fed and clothed. As my family and I walked around, we ended up in some big store. The store building looked like a warehouse, and the store looked to be filled with beauty supplies and hair extensions. I ended up walking through a door near the back of the store where some woman lived. I did not recognize her (in real life), nor did she look like someone I know in real life, but we somehow knew each other in my dream. In my dream, I could tell that I felt like something was off. It was like however I did know her, myself in the dream recognized that she was acting strange and not acting like the her I knew. It was also like we hadn’t seen each other in a while. I noticed that it was her and several teenagers (or young adults) in the house. Everyone was spread out (giving each other adequate space) sitting in the living room on sofas and ottomans. The lady offered me something to drink. It was brown, yet I don’t recall it being hot. As I was drinking, she said, “You know these are all mine, right?” (She was talking about all those teens). She preceded to say, “And all at once from the same time.” I responded, “Wow! Octuplets!” (But I remember thinking to myself in the dream that I was wrong because there were 12+ teens, not eight, and I didn’t not know what to call 12 or more babies at once.) At the same time, I brought my cup closer to my face to take a drink, but my cup was randomly upside down and the drink spilled on me and the floor. I thought that was super weird, as I was sure I was holding the cup upright before, but we all laughed it off as if it was the news about octuplets (or multiples) that shocked me. I began talking to her about twins and multiples as I kneeled down facing the couch in order to clean up the spilled drink. As I was cleaning, I turned back behind me periodically (as she was sitting in a chair right across the coffee table in front of me) to look at her when I was speaking to her, since we were still in conversation as I cleaned up the mess. However, when I looked back at her, she was sitting in Indian style looking to be praying and meditating, but I can tell she wasn’t praying to God, and I could tell she was not a follower of Jesus. It was further confirmation that she had done changed and was acting strange. I stood up and started noticing slugs everywhere, crawling from underneath coasters and out of small cracks and holes around the room. Then, one was near her (I believe it started crawling out from under the pillow she was sitting on), and she grabbed it and pulled out from under her (it was as long as a skinny 8-10 inch worm), fussed at it to its face (like literally held it to her face in front of her to talk to/yell at it!) and then angrily threw it to the floor. It was like she and all those creatures could understand each other or at least were able to converse and understand what each other was saying. Even though I was ready to go and did not like being in there, I didn’t completely act like I was uncomfortable in front of them. I just thanked them for their hospitality, headed for the door, and walked out. As I was stepping my first foot out the door, she asked, “So how do you feel about your mom being in law enforcement now?” (I sensed that law enforcement were very crooked people in the dream, so I believe she was really getting at ‘What is my mom doing working with people like them when she’s nothing like them?’) I suspected that she was trying to keep me from leaving or trying to prolong my visit by asking me something like that as I’m stepping out, so I responded while still stepping out at the same time. When she saw that I was still walking out, she rolled to the door (I had never noticed before that moment, but it appeared as though she was in a wheel chair). I told her, while still walking out, that I would not have chosen it but that I was fine with it. Then, as I’m still trying to leave, I’m closing the screen door behind me (because I’m completely out of the house and on the porch at this moment), my whole hand gets stuck right in the pincher area where you push the button down (most people know how screen doors can pinch you in that spot). This one caught my whole hand, and my hand got stuck there. I cannot remember her exact words, but she basically changed her friendly tone (which her tone had already turned to a bit condescending when asking about my mom) and said, “See!” (and then smugly said something else with a smirk on her face) as if she really thought I was stuck there. I looked at her, and with a smile on my face I said verbatim, “Unless you don’t care about your hand.” And at the same time while saying it, I pulled my hand right out without fear and left. I was willing to separate my hand from my body just to get away from her and that place.

I suspect that was satan and that those children were children of satan. Since we’re all born sinners, we all once knew him, which explains how she knew everyone in town and everyone recognized her, yet some noticed that something wasn’t quite right. I believe plenty of people never suspected anything (other children of satan) while followers of Jesus, those filled with the Holy Spirit, knew her (or recognized her) from the past and therefore thought something was different about her (which is really just themselves who are a new creation in Christ and therefore seeing her differently, realizing the evil because they’re no longer a part of it). I also suspect that others have gone in her home and did truly get stuck there (probably because they were too afraid to ‘lose their hand’ or too focused on what they wanted and therefore could not accept ‘losing a hand’. Obviously for me, losing the hand was no big deal, and I just wanted to get far away from that house. I knew she was no good, and as if her weird meditating and talking to long slugs wasn’t bad enough, the fact that she tried to keep me there was more confirmation that I needed to get out of there!

The Father says:

“I AM not one who plays around with the emotions of My children, nor AM I one to boast, throw tantrums, or force My Presence on people. Some people will choose Me, and others won’t. My children are My children. They know Me, they recognize My voice, and they follow Me. They allow My leading to guide them without concern for what they lack or what they lose. They know that I love them and will work all things out for their good. There is an extreme amount of evil in this world, way more than the human mind can fathom, yet many of My very own people will begin to focus so much on what they have to give up (that they don’t want to lose) that they’ll get trapped into sin. They have lost trust in Me because they have allowed satan to invoke fear in them, trick them with impatience, and appeal to their sinful desires, opposed to waiting on Me, trusting Me for the outcome, fully relinquishing their struggles, needs, and desires to Me, and allowing My Holy Spirit to lead them. My children have disappointed Me, and I AM ashamed of what they have become, yet I stand here merciful and gracious, urging My children to turn. Turn now before it’s too late! Fully surrender your lives over to Me, your God, your Father in Heaven. If you have not done that yet, you’ve already done it for satan. Do not give yourselves to the devil, for he only wishes that many suffer with him, for he will experience great pain, suffering, and torment soon. I urge you: do not suffer it with him. Come back to Me, and fully relinquish your heart before it’s too late. Let Me heal you. Allow Me to impose all of My love and presence on you. Let Me direct your path. Do not concern yourselves with your body, or even this life! For I AM looking out for you and lighting your path, leading the way, and I will be with you and walk with you leading you all the way until you join Me in Heaven for all eternity. I want to spend eternity with you. Allow Me to do that. Allow yourself to do that. Do not fall into the trap of focusing on things that don’t matter, that aren’t of me, that don’t benefit your soul, that are out of your control, or that seem scary. I know what My plans are for you, for they are great, and I intend on manifesting them all in My perfect timing. Stand by Me, dear, and wait before you impatiently get backed into a corner and trapped in behaviors and patterns that make you further stagnant, stuck, or far from Me.”

That is the word of the Lord.

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